Proactive Monitoring

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Proactive Monitoring

We provide advanced monitoring for your server and the services on it. Each server comes with 24/7/365 monitoring, anticipating, diagnosing and correcting any problems, so you can rest easy knowing we've got you covered.

Proactive Monitoring and Service Restoration

Our unique monitoring system works on multiple levels to ensure that your server has maximum uptime.

At the network level, we employ both service and server monitoring. Your server and all of the external services you have selected in your Grove account are checked for availability automatically every 5 minutes. If a problem is detected, our experts are immediately on the case.

At the server level, we install various custom software packages which detect processes which have failed and attempt to restart them. In case it cannot restart the services or fix the issue, our support staff is notified so they can correct the issue. Hardware health is also tested actively so that our staff is notified of issues before system health can be seriously impacted.

At the software level, we provide a variety of performance metrics in Grove. These include server load, CPU usage, disk and memory usage, bandwidth graphs and more. These graphs are are used by our staff in diagnosing potential issues and are there for your informational and capacity-planning needs.